Jiaduo pest control lamp

Product ID: PS-15II

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Jiaduo Frequoscillation Pest-killing Lamp utilizes the ways of light, wave, color, smell to trap and kill pests, which lures the pests of many species and great quantities. it has been generally applied in more than 30 provinces in China and approved by National Agricultural Technology Extension and Service Center, Ministry of Agriculture, China.

All-weather,rain-proof,prevention of lightning,high temperature resistance,corrosion protection ,Automatic protection in the rain


1. it lures the pests of many species and great quantities, decrease the amount of eggs and larvae in the field greatly

2. substitute for pesticide, it can reduce the applied amount of chemical pesticide

3. it can postpone the occurrence of insecticide resistance of pests

4. it can protect the natural enemies

5. It is innocuous to human and livestock

6. it can decrease the environmental pollution, maintain ecological equilibrium.

7. it is safe when someone touch it by mistake

8. it can save power ,low cost

9. light control (light sensor), the light turn on in the evening and turn off in the morning by auto.

Application Scope:

Agriculture, forestry, vegetable, tobacco, warehousing, wine brewing, garden, orchard, urban landscaping and aquiculture etc.

It can trap and kill 1287 species of pests such as:

a. underground pests: chafer, mole cricket, cutworm;

b. wheat pests: armyworm, Angoumois grain moth;

c. rice pests: rice-stem borer, yellow rice borer, rice borer, rice leaf roller, rice planthopper, leafhopper;

d. cotton pests: cotton bollworm, oriental tobacco budworm, Cotton pink bollworm, fleahopper, cotton leaf caterpillar;

e. pests of coarse cereals: corn borer, Chilo venosatus (Walker), soybean pod borer, bean hawk moth;

f. vegetable pests: diamond-back moth, cabbage webworm, beet armyworm, , tobacco cutworm;

g. pests of stored products: drug-store beetle, cadelle, common bean weevil, rice weevil , angoumois grain moth;

h. pests of fruit trees: peach fruit moth, fruit piercing moth, , peach pyralid moth;

i. forest pests: pine caterpillar, tiger moth, American white moth, poplar white leaf-miner, Euproctis signata Blanchard, Aphrodisium sinicum (White), Anoplophora glabripennis (Motschulsky), spring cankerworm, green leafhopper, poplar grey bell moth, Biston betularia Linnaeus , Monochamus alternatus Hope etc.
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