Vertical Machining Centers

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Vertical Machining Centers, Feature:
1. The machine use computer CAD/CAM optimization design, structure of wide lathe bed and wide column, high quality Meehannite resin sand craft precision casting, many times artificial aging treatment, strong absorption of shock resistance, overall unit have good rigidity.
2. Triaxial rectangular guideway use triangle support design, superfrequency quenching treatment, Periphery grinding craft is fine.
3.Large lead precision ball lead screw match with precision bevel angle ball bearing pre-tighten installment, feed precision, load is strong.
4. Contact with rectangular guides friction pair and panel paste Turcite-B wear plate,and careful scraping, good abrasion resistance.
5. Wide lathe bed,long saddle design,workging table can support all processing, strong gravity of load.
6. Choose high-power servo motor drive, carrying ability strong.
7. Totally enclosed electrical cabinet, with air current circulation design, dust prevention, ventilating

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