open width interlock knitting machine

open width interlock knitting machine

Open Width Interlock Knitting Machine

Product ID: TFK-D2F4

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Interlock (double knit) open width knitting machine.High standard and new type appearance patent illustrate rank of machine

1) The cloth has no fold
2) Not run through the cloth, decline low cost
High standard and new type appaearance patent illustrate rank of machine ,Germany provides all parts technology design which is made by advanced CAXA software and processed by CNC center.Design condition and technology level are higher than our competitors.It emphasize in whole structure strength and stable of machine under different moving speeds.
May you understand if i disturb you. Our company is specialized in producing circular knitting machine.30 years ago, Taifan was established in Taoyuan, Taiwan, and in the year of 1999 Taifan started production factory in China mainland. Our company has been in this field for about 20 years, in the last 20 years, we have established a good business relationship with 23 countries, such as Sri Lanka, Iran, Russia, Thailand, Turkey and so on. T
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