Tungsten Carbide Inserts

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Our Freedom Cutter Inserts are designed for precision grinding, offered in eight indexes and the insert type is specific to ones needs. The Mil-Tec Freedom Cutter Inserts allow for precision grinding, and are ideal for their versatility in face milling. The body of the cutter has pockets in which one would place the insert necessary for the specific job, and each of our inserts fit in the cutter. The Freedom Cutter Inserts are available in three different shape variations such as, Octagon, Square, and Round all fitting in the one cutter body. One can choose whether they require the insert to be coated or uncoated depending on one’s specific requirements.
Just as our Freedom cutters are not limited to the standard round cutter body styles that you are used to, we also offer specialty styles of varying geometries, finishes, radius, and carbide classifications on each of our three shape inserts allowing you the optimal insert for the most precision work possible. Our specialty cutters require eight octagons or round indexes and four of the square insert. Each of the Freedom Cutter Inserts have a 5/8IC and are 3/16 thick.

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