CCP- L500 automatic heat shrink packing machine

Product ID: CCP- L500

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CCP- L500 automatic heat shrink packing machine
L-type automatic heat shrink packing machine is a automatic unmanned packing equipment,adopts PLC control, suitable for all kinds of products packing, PE, POF plastic shrinking packaging material。The whole machine adopts mute design, packaging tightly and sealing solidly, simple operation, easy maintenance. Can be using together with our company "CCP-R""CCP-RS" series shrinking machine.

1) Energy conservation and efficient:Save labor cost, only need one person operate, putting product on the conveyor belt for packaging easily.;
2) Safety and environmental protection:Smokeless produce when sealing, working environment clean. with automatic protection function, effectively prevent cut packing product mistakenly.
3) Convenient and flexible:Simple operation, easy maintenance, packaging immediately, and simply adjusting size, 30 seconds, easy to learn
4) Automation:automatically feeding into the bag, packing- sealing – c
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