cup sealing machine

cup sealing machine

economical box/cup sealing machine

Product ID: CCP-FK320

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CCP-FK320 economical box/cup sealing machine

The equipment can be sealed automatic,semi automatic or single action. Compact structure, stainless steel structure, mould made by aluminum alloy and treated by oxidation; ensure the machine durable, safe, reliable, and stable.
1) adopt aluminum alloy structure surface oxidation treatment, health security, strong and durable
2) automatic tracking microcomputer automatic sealing film that decide a dot, ensure accurate sealing and sealing can be automatically count quantity, save time and effort.
3) the safety design of human nature, to prevent foreign body into the machine, automatic reset
4) equipped with a temperature controller, corresponding adjustments according to the different materials film sealing temperature, to ensure the sealing of robustness.

1) the sealing container and sealing film is suitable for PP cup,PE cup, PET cup and so on
2) box/cup/bowl packaging, sealing package for fresh veg
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