hi-capacity ozone generator

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It has reallized the integration control on ozone generatig system, air fountain system and the cooling system, easy to install and operate.
PSA(Prsssure Swing Adsorbion)SYSTEM can supply high quality oxygen for generating system.
None heat regeneration drying system can supply dry gas resourses for the generating system.
Stainless steel ozone generating cell
It can produce high chroma ozone and can save oxygen source.
IGBT athwart high frequency high pressure power supply system can produce strong electric fiel, can produce corona discharge, work stably.
Generating cell use blocking design, easy to maintain without affecting other parts working.
Ozone system doublestage cooling, which makes the ozone generating stable.
Auto tmming control, can work unmanned.

Waste water treatment Ozonator can be widly used in wastewater treatment of many fields, such as printing and dyeing wastewater, pharmacy waster water, landfill leachate, petroleum waste water, chemical waste water., municipal waste water, explosive waste water, galvanization waste water, cooling circulation water, cooling water for rocket lanching, wastewater in hospital and so on.
Industrial oxidation Ozone generator is widly used in many industrial fields, such as medicine intermediate production,fine chemical industry Oleic acid and grease production, spice manufacturing. Etc.
Water treatment plant
Application in other fields.
Ozone generator can be use in black carbin oxidation, waste gas treatment, air disinfection and so on.

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