Street light

Product ID: SXC-001

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1. Body:Die-cast aluminium body with high strength, compact structure and smooth profile.
2. Reflector: High purity anodized aluminium.
3. Diffuser: High transparent tougen Glass in 5mm thickness, Arc shaped, heat proof.
4. Stainless steel screws and clips. Steel gear plate.
5. Top-lift cover, easy repair and maintenance. Easy access to lamp and gear.
6. Horizontal installation.

Technical Parameters
1. High performance optical system, Improved visibility and reduce glare.
2. IP66. CE certificate available. Lampholder:E40/E27
3. Housings anti-corrosion property: Class II
4. Working environment: -35- +55
5. Power source: 220V(±10%)/50Hz, 230V(±10%)/60Hz
6. Suitable lamp: 70w-400w high pressure sodium/metal halide bulb.
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  • ISO

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