Apply to welding, cutting, grinding, smoke purification field  ,

Apply to welding, cutting, grinding, smoke purification field ,

welding fume purifier

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Apply to welding, cutting, grinding, smoke purification field

1. the exhaust arm which is rotatable by 360°can be fixed;

2. the material of first filter layer cost very low and clean very easy;

3. the second filter layer is main filter core,and produce a large quantity of wind;

4. advanced design for fan,air volume,low power consumption;

5. Efficient filter canister surface for(high-tech craft) hot compress polytetra fluoroethylene (PTFE) thin film,so different,high precision filtration 0.3um;

6. Has the function of automatic impulse control,thoroughly clean the cartridge;

7. Efficiency for the air cleaner to 99.9%;

8. Fan stopped running,have the function of manual downtime;

9. Using prevents motor had flowed in protection device,igh security;

10. standard length of exhausting arms is 3m,and nonstandard one is 4m.

11. This product is compact, configuration industrial universal caster wheel, can be flexible mobile.Suction arm can be 360° rotated by pulling the inspiratory cast handle then the product can be flexible and easily with the wishes of the operator to reach the destination location point and the suction angle,and in no external force to the air orientation

12.Smoke arising from the work inhalation of welding smoke purifier by the inspiratory cover,First after the first layer of coarse efficiency filter(resistance burner), the big particle separation intercept ,preliminary filtered air to the second layer of high efficiency filter for purification,can filter the 0.1μm dust,the 0.3-0.5 µ m dust filtration efficiency is up to 99.9%,up to indoor emissions standards.In addition,customers can choose the activated carbon as the third layer of the filter used to remove odor
13.When the area of the dust collecting arrive certain,the pressure-gage inspecting device will lead the magnetic valve to be run,then the compressed air in the exhaust pipe of the magnetic valve will be even backblow to the filter cylinder inside out through the special structure of the filter cylinder for the purpose of the exhaustive cleaning.
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