Injection molding machine 350TX

Product ID: CLF-350TX

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Screw Diameter 65mm
Theoretical Inj. Volume 995cm3
Max. Injection Pressure 1479kg/cm2
Max. Injection Speed 295cm3/sec
Max. Shot Weight(PS) 898gram
Screw Rotation Speed 188rpm
Nozzle Radius 15mm
Heating Zone 6zones
Heating capacity 13.9kw
Distance between Tie Bars 670*670mm
Dimension of Platen 1030*1030mm
Mold Height 200-700mm
Mold Opening stroke 680mm
Clamping Force 350Tons
Dia. of locating Ring 160mm
Ejector Stroke 200mm
Ejecting Force 7Tons
Capacity of Oil Reservoir 800liters
Machine Dimension 7.0*1.78*2.1m
Net Weight 15Tons

1.Optimum design of rigid mold platen. The optimized box-type mold platen is designed and analyzed by CAD/CAE and Finite Element Analysi
  • ISO
  • CE

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