quartz infrared heater

quartz infrared heater


Product ID: WI-0036

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Quartz infrared portable heaters-wi-0036
Watt: 1500W (High), 750W (Low),120V 60HZ,
Heater: 1 quartz emittters
Cabinet : wooden
Fan: AC Cross Flow Fan
Control panel:plastic cover and raised buttons.
Wood color : dark oak,light oak,walnut
-1. Push Button Controls :Temperature,Time and H/L power,with IR remote control;the control panel & remote control have UP/DOWN function
-2. Electronic thermostat .
-3. Temperature range :50F-86F
-4. Time adjustment range: 0.5HR--8Hr;-Permanently work
-5. LED display temperature:it displays "-E" when the temperature sensor is out of work and the heater will shut off.
-6. Caster Wheels
-7. Heat up to 800 square feet
-8. On/Off switch on rear of heater
-9.Overheat Automatic shutoff feature
-10.Uses conventional 120v 3 prong grounded power cord,5.8 feet in length.
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