Semi-automatic stitcher

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Details of major parts
1Japan Yaskawa or Germany Siemens servo (option)
2Taiwan Tiande switch, travel switch, Taiwan Yangming proximity switch, Taiwan Shilin contactor
3 Taiwan Weilun or Germany Siemens touch screen (option)
4 Germany Siemens PLC, module
5 Nail head blade and bottom die made of German tungsten steel (wearing-resistance)
6Taiwan Jiebao air compressor (option)
1 Double-servo drive (patent No. 20092053719.6), high accuracy, less mechanically driven part, effective reducing machinery failure rate
2 Rear manual baffle plate or rear electric baffle plate (option) (patent No.: 200920053720.9 ), driven by step motor in accurate size, convenient and fast for size change
3 Manually or electrically adjusting the paper feeding rubber wheel clearance (option)
4 Operation with touch screen, convenient and fast for parameters (stitching space, nail quantity, nail type, rear baffle plate) change
5It can nail with single nail (/ / /) , double nails (// // //) and reinforced
  • ISO9000

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