double-sheet double-servo stitcher

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TJ-DS double-sheet double-servo nailing machine can nail single-sheet or double-sheet formed cartons whether they are regular or not. Half-slotted and large-sized cartons can be also nailed by it. The machine adopts full electric control. The speed of nailing box is fast and energy-saving. Paper feeding part of the machine takes up automatic counting. And the finished-product is discharged for binding. If the carton specification is switched, it only takes two to three minutes to complete adjustment. It is fairly convenient and fast to operate. In addition, the machine can nail single-nail, double nails and reinforced nails showing that it has fairly greater flexibility. The machine automatically adjusts nail spacing through computer setting. The computer screen can display failure prompt for fast troubleshooting. This is why the ordinary nailing box machines cannot be compared with ours
Machine advantage
1 Fast speed, 500 nails/min.
2 Without skilled worker, personnel allocation
  • ISO9000

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