Speedshine Hair Color Cream

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Speedshine Hair Color Cream
Speedshine hair color cream contains the newest hair dying formulation, it can offer you a fresh looking hair color experience in 10 minutes
It has 10 colors available for choosing.

Kit contents:
1 Hair color cream(Net: 60ml)
1 Oxidant(Net: 60ml)
1 Conditioner(Net: 10ml)

Kit packing infos:
Quantity: 48Pcs/Cth
Cth Size: 490*410*170mm
G.W.: 7.28kg

The newest hair dying formula is easy to use. In only 10 minutes, it shows the revitalized shining look of the hair with bright colors.
Dying: Containing wheat germ oil extracts, which contains the rich proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids keep replenishing rich nutrition to keep the hair color more natural and the hair healthier and stronger.
After dying: Containing wheat germ oil extracts, it can form a protective film on the hair surface rapidly to protect the hair and lock the color to keep the hair brilliant and charming.

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