ice packaging machine P510T

ice packaging machine P510T

ice packaging machine P510T

Product ID: ice packaging P510T

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Auto weighing packaging:
Bag Feeding --> Weighing --> Filling --> Sealing Package

Weighing Range:
1~10kg / Bag (Settable weighing within weighing range)

+/- 5g

Suitable for powder form, granular form, liquid form, raw materials such as rice, corns, grains, beans, feeding stuffs, flour, water, chemicals, drugs and etc.

The Programmable Logic Control (PLC) System efficiently delivers quality packaging from date printing to final sealing.

Printing Manufacturing Date --> Cutting --> Primary Sealing --> Weighing --> Filling --> Final Sealing

Machinery is pneumatic operated for safety and easy maintenance.

Automatic detection device will show the spot of malfunction on the panel board of the Human-Machine Interface, and the troubleshooting instruction.

Electronic sensing for Sealing and Cutting brings accurate packaging.

Fully automatic operation reduces labor cost and may integrate with fully automatic production line.

To meet high accuracy and fast packaging speed, machinery is equipped with the Japanese Advanced Weighing Display and the Germany HBM Load-cell Weighing System

For multi specification packaging, machinery is fitted with the multi memory setting for minimum and maximum value, accumulated weight and completed volume.

Optional Device
1. Fully Automatic Vacuum Uncoiler.
2. Vacuum packaging function is available to integrate with soft bag automatic vacuum uncoiler.

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