6m Roamer jib

Product ID: CH-32A

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Remote Head and Control System Specification:

Compatible Cameras: Sony & Canon LANC - enabled DV & HDV camera, Panasonic DVX100, HVX200 series, HVX170 series, HMC40, 70 and 150 series, Camera with ENG configuration.

Compatible ENG Lenses: Canon and Fujinon lens supported

Maximum payload: 9kgs/ 19.84 lbs

Maximum speed: Pan & Tilt: 360o in 4.5 sec

Minimum speed: Pan & Tilt: 360o in 20 min

Tilt Range: +-360o

Pan Range: Unlimited

Power input: AC 198V-264V (AC 99V-132V as option), 50-60Hz

Power Supply for Camera: Supported, two output on the head, DC12V for ENG camera, DC 7.8V for DV Camera

Head Power Output: DC 12V for ENG camera, DC 7.8V for DV camera, control box power output

Control Box Power Output: DC 12V

Control Distance: 30m/98.4 ft (power of head is from control box), 1km/0.62 mile (separate head power)

Jib Arm Specification:

Jib arm reach: 4.60 m/15.7 ft

Maximum lens height: 5.03 m/16.5 ft

Minimum lens height: -2.87 m/-9.4 ft

Entire arm length: 6 m/19.6 ft

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