Speed Variators

Speed Variators

Speed Variators (variable) Drive

Product ID: Speed Variator Drive

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-Speed Variator Drive
-Gear Reducer can be added
-Flange mounting avaliable

Speed Variator Drive

Mainly by the compression of the driving wheel device, Mount Sassafras transmission, speed control unit
Structure composition.
1. High strength: the impact of negative plant, the machine turns, the machine performance can be Rely on, can accurately rotate, housing rear calendar.
2. Speed range: gear ratios are 1:6, that is, the output speed can be at
3. Speed and high precision: Speed Accuracy 1 - of 0.5 rpm.
4. Performance and stability: the drive components of the machine have been a special heat treatment, precision, sassafras Mount density processing site, well-oiled, smooth running, low noise, long service life.
5. Coaxial structure: input shaft and output shaft to rotate the same, small size, weight
6. Combination of capability: This machine can be combined with various types of reducer to realize low speed, large torque regulation of the speed effect.
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