leather lace

leather lace

USA shoe leather lace with high quality cow lace

Product ID: DCI-003

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TRIPLE C produce good quality U.S.A. holstein cowhide and leather lace. Leather lace are made by the tanning and coloring own genuine lace leather. Lace is compose of dyed thru and surface, provided with 100% natural strength.
The character of leather lace:
Pull force: over 25KG at least for tensile strength per 3.6mm width.
Crocking(dry and wet): the standard of fade in color can achieve average level at same
Test: passed the international RSL/SGS testing standard.
Product specification:
Thickness: 5/64”(2.0MM)-3/32”(2.4MM),7/64”(2.8MM)-1/8”(3.2MM)
Product color:
Color pls refer to swatch card, special color can be developed, but the minimum must be required.

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