2012 chinaplas show machine

2012 chinaplas show machine

A+B+C Three-layer Co-extrusion PE film blown Machine(film width:1300mm)

Product ID: DW-BFM-3L55(1300mm)

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The three-layer co-extrusion film blowing machine are all taken of the most advanced technology from Taiwan and all make of high-grade raw materials, all of which lead to our blowing film machines well known in China and abroad.


Extruder Unit
a.Screw diameter: A55B65C55
b.Screw L/D ratio: L/D 28/1
c.Screw material: 38CrMoAlA
d.Screw rotation speed: 25-150r/min
e.Heating capacity: 40.5kw
f.Driving motor: 100P(A22KW+B30KW+C22KW)
g.Temperature control: 3×6ZONE
h.Barrel cooling fan: 1/7HP(180W)×9

Die head
a. Die head diameter:250/300
b. Die head material: 40Cr: 7.6kw 
c. Blower: 7.5HP(5.5kw)
d. Heating capacity:
f: Temperature control: 3ZONE

Take-up Unit
a.Take-up roller width:1400mm
b.Effectual take-up: 1300mm
c.Take-up motor: 2HP(1.5KW)
d.Take-up Line speed: 60m/min

Winding Unit
a.Winding Roller width: 1400mm
b.Effectual winding: 1300mm
c.Winding Motor:3HP(2.2kw)
d.Total Height: 9200mm

Optional Equipment

1.Auto loader
2.Corona treater
3.Full auto winding
4.Air compressor
5.Quickly manual Net-Changing device
6.IBC inner cooling system
7.Upper rotary
8. Auto deviation correcting device

Fundamental of our machine.
1. Stably high speed; consistency; reliable.
2. High-efficient energy saving and ultra low noise, vibration.
3. Automatic control , continue operation.
4. User friendly design and unique style; easy maintenance.
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