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cryo freezer - Qingdao COMBI Medical and Laboratory Products

-150 Degree Cryo Freezer

Product ID: ULT freezer

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-150 Degree Cryo Freezer

♦Temperature Control

·Microprocessor temerature control.

·Digital temperature display

·Ajustable temperature range from -100℃ to -150℃ with an increment of 1℃

♦Safety Control

·Malfunction alarm includes audible and flashing alarms for high temperature,low temperature,incorrect voltages setting, sensor failure,condenser efficiency defect,high ambient temperature,and power failure.

·Multiple level protections:password,compressor delay start,extra high and low pressure back up.

·All separate parts are safely grounded.

♦ Cooling System

·High efficient CFC-free refrigerant cooling system.

·The boiler from up to down ensure the refrigerant flowing efficiently.

·Excellent cascade cooling system with dual fan whose blade is designed according to aerodynamics.

·The condenser fillter with removal and easily cleaning make sure the best cooling efficiency.

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