ULT freezer - Qingdao COMBI Medical and Laboratory Products

ULT freezer - Qingdao COMBI Medical and Laboratory Products

Mini -86 Degree ULT Freezer

Product ID: ULT freezer

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●Ergonomic Design
• LED display for easy observation of cabinet temperature, set temperature, ambient temperature, input voltage, alarming temperature setting value and early warning for malfunctions
• Adjustable multi-level shelf for easy operation
• Safe door lock to prevent the unauthorized opening
• Broad climate tolerance, applicable within an ambient temperature range of 10oC~32oC
• Innovative integrated door handle and lock; compacted casters; flexible and easy operation
• Intelligent condenser design to save energy
• Remote alarm through internet, and advanced function of voltage redeem in case of high/low voltage
• Storage boxes are optional
●Vacuum Insulation Panel Technology
• The advanced heat insulation technology uses the latest vacuum insulated panel material to guarantee the sealing and to pump out the air between the insulation layers so as to minimize the heat conduction rate by optimizing the heat conduction, heat convection and heat radiation.

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