-86 ULT freezer - Qingdao COMBI Medical and Laboratory Products

-86 ULT freezer - Qingdao COMBI Medical and Laboratory Products

-86C ULT Freezer

Product ID: ULT freezer

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Safety system

The perfect warning system is equipped with acoustic buzzing alarming and light flashing alarming functions, realizing high and low temperature warning, sensor failure warning, and other functions; multi protective function (password protection and frequent starting up protection); the ultra thick foaming layer of 135mm with the double-layer thermal insulating door can efficiently keep the interior temperature; and the strong booster handle design is safe and reliable.

Refrigerating system

The optimized single-stage overlay refrigerating system and imported brand Danfoss compressors are applied providing a high refrigerating capacity; properly designed evaporimeter ensures the interior temperature uniformity; the energy consumption of the single compressor system is low; the independent mixed CFC free environmental protection refrigerant definitely without chloro-fluorocarbon.

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