skived PTFE sheet

skived PTFE sheet

100% virgin white skived PTFE sheet

Product ID: 392099-03

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1. Characteristics:
Teflon/PTFE skived sheet is manufactured by PTFE resin according to the process of pressed shaped, firing and rotary-cut.
It bears the high and low temperature, and stable in chemical properties.

2. Main Features of Teflon/PTFE skived Sheet 1) Heat resistance property---It is able to wok stably between -180°C to +260°C.2) Excellent non-sticky property---It easier to remove those like resin, dopes, oil and other sticky things.3) Good mechanical property with no distortion and low friction coefficient.4) Excellent insulation property.5) Materials like carbon, graphite and glass fiber can be filled.
6) Corrosion resistance.
7) High insulation.
8) It’s not easy to aging.

3. Application:
1) Teflon/PTFE skived sheet are used in reaction kettle, storage tank, valve, container, liner and gasket which work under all kinds of corrosive dielectric.
2) It also can be used as liner of anticorrosive pipes. oilless lubricator and abheisve matenal for sliding.

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