molded ptfe rods

molded ptfe rods

160-300mm white molded PTFE rods

Product ID: 392099-07

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1. Characteristics of the product:
PTFE extruded rod: One is manufactured by paste extruding method in the diameter from 4 to 200mm, and other is made by molding method in diameter from 160 to 300mm.

2. Main Features of Teflon/PTFE rod
1) Heat resistance property---It is able to wok stably between -180°C to +260°C.
2) Excellent non-sticky property---It easier to remove those like resin, dopes, oil and other sticky things.
3) Good mechanical property with no distortion and low friction coefficient.
4) Excellent insulation property.

3. Application:
The electrical insulation used under various kinds of frequency, the seal liner of various kinds of corrosivity medium, Antisticking materials, lubrication material.

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