v-cut pcb depaneling machinery made in china

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Detailed Product Description:
1. For electronics, cell phones, computers, PCB, FPC (flexible printed circuit board)

2.Mold make of SKD-11 Steel,Blade is SKD-9(From Japan),Rigorous Job!!!!

Technical characteristics:

1. Structural precision, the load evenly, to eliminate internal stress

2. Safe, easy to operate

1.Minimize the shearing stress to avoid micro-cracks of the solder joints.

2.Guiding device of the "V-CUT" of the PCB.

3.Ball bearing slideways for easy setting of the PCB edge guides.

4.Ball bearing slideways for easy setting of the height of the tabletop.

5.Easy operating modes: Manual by handwheel, semi-automatic by pressing the start button or fully-automatic by continuous running.

6.Cutters can be re-grinded

7.The shape of the cutter can be customer made
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