Magent Gold-plating Rack

Product ID: DJ-7369

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Specification : can be designed according to buyers equipment
Material:SUS304L, outside coated with PE powder
Usage:fif for thin board gold-plating
Featuer:1.The main body of the rack is made of SUS316L round rod.its surface is covered with anti-friction PE powder and its operating rod is made of imported PVC materials.
2.It wont be adhered by gold easily and can reduce the amount of carried-out gold water.
3. Each clamping point is made of two different magnetic magnets for two opposite magnets can attract each other.Such design can save operation time
and improve production efficiency which finally can bring more profits to buyers.
This product is in great demand not only for its light weiht and simple operation but for its reasonable price.In addition,its specification can be designed according to client.dimensions of the thin board ,size of the tank,etc.

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