Carbon Fiber Infrared Heating Lamp

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excellent health care function, especially good for activating human body cells, improve blood circulation,accelerate metabolism, strengthed immunity, no electrimagnetic field produced, and harmless to human bodies.

Carbon fiber heating lamp
Excellent durability and thermal shock resistance
High efficiency and quick response
1. Highlights:
- FIR therapeutic function
- Energy Saving with electricity-heat transformation rate reaching 98%
- Environmental protecting and safe with dim light and no UV radiation
- Above 8, 000 hours of serving life
2. Technical Parameters:
- VOLT: 100, 110, 120, 220, 230, 240V
- WATT: 50-2500W
- HZ: 50-60 HZ
- Electricity saving ratio: 30%
- Infrared normal direction radiant ratio: ≥94%
- Electric heat transformation ratio: ≥98%
- Operating temperature: ≤1800 Celsius degree
- Highest heat temperature endured: 1100 Celsius degree
- Color temperature: 900-1500 Celsius degree
- Surface temperature: 500-900 Celsius degree
- Continuous servicing hour: 6,000-8,000H
3. Application Area:

1,Paint drying in tunnels and body shops .

2,Blowing of PETP bottles.

3,Plastics thermoforming .

4,Heating of food and keeping warm.

5,Paper drying in paper mills .

6,Drying of lacquer, printing inks.

7,Pre-heating of wood prior to lacquering .

8,Heat sterilization.

9,Softening, melting of plastics
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