halogen heating lamp

halogen heating lamp

Halogen Infrared Heating Lamp

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Halogen Infrared Heating Lamps

Life more than 5000 hours

High quality, high heat transfer.

Price can be negotiated

Goods can be delivered by DHL,UPS,TNT or other ways.

Benefits VS Features:
1.Versatility of heat source:
Wide range of lamps lengths and power available.
2. Instant heat:
More than 90% emission within 1 second.
3. Clean:
no pollution.
4. Safe:
Quartz envelope, heat shock resistant.
5. Economical:
More than 85% of consumed energy transmitted into infrared heat.
6.Fully dimmable:
Fully controllable accurately(0% to 100%)
7.Possibility to put people sensor:
On/Off switches do not affect life time of the lamps
8.Long life:
More than 5000 hours
9.Heat can be focused:
Same optical properties as light, can be dire-cted by reflectors
10.Compact heater:
Compact heat sources, narrow diameter of lamps
-Home heating and warming:
-Industrial drying:
painting, drying apparatus,dyeing,print,products processing
-Electrical machine drying:
copy machine,projector,printer
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