Micro USB OTG Cable for smart phone

Product ID: DL-USB017

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Specifications 1.Micro USB OTG cable 2.For Samsung,HTC smart phone,etc 3.Compatible with all models with On-the-go function 4.Own factory Product Description: On-the-go USB OTG Adapter turns your Mobilephone into a USB host, allowing you to connect USB accessories such as keyboards, mice, flash memory drives and more to your phone. The adapter enhances the capabilities of your phone, providing a solution for user-friendly removable data storage or the sharing of your favorite multimedia files with your phone. Insert a USB mouse or keyboard to improve productivity at the office or at home. Supports USB flash memory drives and memory card readers. __________________________________________________________ Product Features: 1.PC-free back up of videos and photos from Samsung Galaxy S II to an external memory stick in a convenient way. 2.Connect to a keyboard for easier control of your Samsung Galaxy S II. 3.This cable is used to connect your micro-B USB Port of your Samsung

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