Chloropac Electrolyser for Power Station, Desalination Plants, Coastal installations, Sewage treatment plants

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Chloropac Electrolyser for Power Stations, Desalination Plants, Coastal installations, Sewage treatment plants, Water Flood Systems Bio fouling, Cooling water systems Bio-fouling, Fire Water Systems Biofouling, Ballast water treatment System in Marine Vessels, Drinking water Plants, Swimming pool, Sea Water, Fresh Water, Offshore Treatment.

Electro chlorination System in Power Stations: Sodium hypochlorite is introduced into the seawater intake to the power station where it prevents fouling of the mechanical equipment, such as the seawater circulating pumps, bar screens and drum screens. By controlling the fouling of the steam condensers [in the thermal power stations powered by either nuclear energy or fossil fuel located along the seacoast], will significantly increase the efficiency of power generation.

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