Swimming Pool Electrolyser

Swimming Pool Electrolyser

Swimming Fool Electrolyser for Swimming Pool, Drinking Water Systems, Coastal Installation

Product ID: Chlorinator,Electrod

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Swimming pool Electrolyzer for Swimming pool, Sewage treatment plants, Water Flood Systems Bio fouling, Cooling water systems Bio-fouling, Fire Water Systems Biofouling, Drinking water Plants, Sea Water, Fresh Water, Offshore Treatment.
Swimming pool: When we pass mildly salted (3 to 4 gram per litter - which is 90% less salty than normal seawater) pool water through the electrolyzer, the salt is converted in to chlorine which disinfects it and kills any algae and bacteria. The water in the swimming pool becomes silky soft to the skin, no slat taste & kind to your hair. The process operates continuously whilst the filtration system is in action, cleansing the water thoroughly without the need for extra additives.

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