Desert Ghillie Suit

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Ghillie Suit

This Ghillie suit is made of synthetic fiber, free size, weighs appr 1.6kg, includes jacket, pants, hood, rifle wrap and storage/carry bag. It provides you with the ultimate concealment from your enemies or prey and has many uses such as hunting, recon, paintball, airsoft, photographing, military, law enforcement, Halloween, and more.

1. Massive quantity of dyed, camouflage fibers are sewned to the suit, but much lighter and more comfortable than burlap and jute, the fibers are mildew and moisture resistant and friendly to human body.
2. Inside lining is breathable and soft netting fabric, which makes you feel smooth to your skin and stay warm in winter but keep cool in summar.
3. The jacket is closed front with pressbutton, very easy to open up and close.
4. Hood provides full head/facial cover while still allowing large field of view, and it can be taken off.
5. 1.5m free length elastic rifle wrap/Gun-Cover comes with one loop on both ends to buckle on your
  • ISO9001

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