Multihead Cap Embroidery Machine

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Mechanical Features::
1. Its an integrated machine for flat embroidery, cap embroidery and finished garments embroidery. Simple & fast change Cap frames, Slopwork frames and Flat frames exchange to reach Cap embroidery, finished garments embroidery and flat embroidery 3 kinds embroidery way.
2. Auto trimmer function.
3. Machine will auto stop and show the thread breakage head position if the thread break or the upper and udder thread used up when in the embroider.
4. The function of repair embroider: to individual repair embroider design for which one need.
5. Attachment the Boring Device(in first needle) can embroider the boring designs.
6. According the device attachment position, several kinds of different device can attachment in the same flat head and combine another function embroider in the same design.
7. High Speed Up to 850RPM.
8. Special structures, including separated hooking system, electro-magnet trimming, hanging driver, 270 degree embroidery angle
9. Use linear rail to install when machine above 4 heads so that make stable stitches and lengthen working life
10. Electricity: 220V/50Hz ,380V/50HZ available
11. The pantograph driver used AC step motor, let the movement fast and smooth.
12. Choose different modal frames can embroider in different products such as Slopwork, Cap ,gloves ,cuffs and normal flat etc .
13. Software limited spacing function, Convenient Slopwork and Cap embroider.
14. Automatic control embroidery, no need manual operate, make the embroidery robotization and standardization.
15. Vast flexibility: With Standard International DST.DSB and ZSK design format.
16. USB connection: Can through computer connection input and output design.

Computer Features::
1.5 inch,8inch,10inch touch monitor computer selectable. Modern Design of operating panel,
USB input port ,Color LCD display showing real time stitching ,Pre-sew design trace capable
Emergency stop
2.Color-Change Mode: Step Color-change , Automatic Color Change.
3.Thread Trimming system: Automatic Thread Trimmer, Solenoid thread holding, step motor thread trimming and catching.
4.Needle Position Detecting : Rheostat .
5.Thread Break Detecting : Thread break detection ,Thread take-up spring or chopping wheel .
6.Language Support: Chinese, English, Turkish, French, Spanish, Portuguese
7.Data Transfer Floppy Disk: Pattern input/output support USB updating.
8.Network Function: Support multi-machine network, data transfer, state monitoring, operating through network. .

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