Single Head Cap Embroidery Machine

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Product features:
1.Machine purpose: flat embroidery, finished garment embroidery, cap embroidery, cylindrical embroide
2. Automatic thread trimmer,Automatic color change,Thread break detection
3.Maximum speed 1000 RPM
4.270° wide cap frame unit
5.DAHAO 129S Model system with Color LCD display showing real time stitching,USB input port.
6.Memory size 1,000,000 stitches
7.Emergency stop
8.Electricity:110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz available
9. Lightweight, easy to take ( with the sizes:91*72*75CM and NW120KG)and operate machine
10.It a model which is specially for family usage and small work spot , as a sample making machine.

Hoops/Frames Included
● 2 x Round Hoop 9 cm (3.5")
● 2 x Round Hoop 12 cm (4.7")
● 2 x Round Hoop 15 cm (5.9")
● 2 x Round Hoop 20 cm (9")
● 2 x Oval Hoop 30 x 30 cm (12" x 12")

Cap Attachments Included
●2*cap rings per head that snap into cap station for preparation and then embroidery
●1*hoop station per machine for easy snap in & snap out preparation of caps
●1* cap driver per head that snaps in to embroidery machines bracker holder for hoops

Accessories Included
●Table and stand with wheels for easy moving around.
●Exploded View of Machine
●Operation Manual
●Tool Box.
●Automatic Bobbin Winding Machine
●Air Compressor(Optional for machine with sequin device)

Optional parts:
1.Single Sequin device
2.Simple cording device
3.Simple boring device
4.Cylindrical device
5.Main motor---Panasonic servo motor, induction motor,
6.Computer: 328.226.216
7.Extension table with embroidery size: 120CM*35CM
8.Optional needles: 6/9/12/15 needles,

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