Gravimetric dosing unit

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The capacity of extruder will be different, because of materials with a different bulk density.
High bulk density materials, in-take more
Low bulk density materials, in-take less
Data analysis (DSP)
- Extrusion capacity (kg/h)
- Accumulated consumption (kg)
- Screw speed (rpm)
- In take ratio (g/U)
Through RS458 transfer Extruder control PLC Start circulated weight measuring process:The materials in drum will be get less and less with the screw rotation.
Meanwhile, weight measuring system Will calculate the in-take quantity of materials
When materials reach the min. limit level(20% of drum volume), the feeding valve will open and input materaisl.Then, the system will return to the beginning of circulated measuring processing;The system will be working at a dynamic processing.
When the material level reach then max. limit level(80% of the drum), The feeding valve will be closed again. System will return to the processing of weight measuring.
When the feeding materials is not enough, the materials level reach the position ( materials level is at 10% of drum), our system will check and alarm for no materials.

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