Auto body frame machine

Auto body frame machine

Auto body frame machine ER100

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Auto body frame machine ER100
Deck Length (Feet/Meter) 17/5.2m
Deck Width (Feet/Meter) 7’/2.1m
Net Weight (LB/KG) 4630LB/2100KG
Working Platform Height: 12"/300 mm
Hydraulic System MWP: 70 MPa (10000psi)
Tower Hydraulic Cylinder Max. Lifting Force: 95 KN
Tower Pulling Range: 360°
Inlet Air Pressure: 0.8 MPa
Max. lifting weight: 3500KG
1. The platform is made of square tube
2. The hydraulic towers can be moved freely alongside the platform and turn 360° as operating. The hydraulic cylinders work vertically, resulting in maximum force and most powerful effectiveness
3. High quality chains and plate tools are used flexibly and conveniently with long life. The entire series of tool accessories enable to do any misshape correction work.
4. Hydraulic system with good design has powerful driving force, long life and low failure rate.
5. Portable measuring system is easier for workers.
6. Major clamps fix the auto quickly, firmly and accurately.
7. Top-quality welding with high strength and good-looking.
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