Solar Backpack

Product ID: ET110238C

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Solar charging bag built-in multi-function solar emergency charger, solar panels can be anytime, anywhere through the absorption of solar energy to transform it into electrical energy stored in the built-in lithium battery. This product is suitable for field emergency use when no electricity to support mobile phones, digital cameras, PSP, PDA, MP3, MP4, Bluetooth headsets, ipod and other digital products. Matt long time, you can also use a dedicated charger, using alternating current to the lithium battery.
This solar energy bag incorporates flexible solar material designed to give small electronic devices the boost of energy they need to stay charged. The bag can easily sit in a window or on the dashboard of your car to collect energy from the sun. The solar power is stored in the battery inside the bag. It is this battery that you will use to charge your small device day or night.

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