Power Quality Analyzer

Product ID: FST 3561

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Specifications Range Accuracy
Volt/Amp/Hertz Volt: 10~700V (true rms)
Amps: 0.5~3000A (true rms, with relevant current clamp) N current: 0.5~25A (true rms)
Hertz: 40~70Hz Volts: ±0.5%
Amps: ±0.5%

Hertz: ±0.01Hz
NOTE: Take frequency of Phase A as total testing frequency.
Harmonic Volts: total harmonic +1~50th
Amps: total harmonic +1~50th Volts: ±0.1(%r)
Amps: ±0.05 (A)
Power testing Active Power: 0.05~700KW
Apparent Power: 0.05~700KVA
Reactive Power: 0.05~700KVAR
Power Factor: 0.00~1.00
Active Energy: 0.01~10000kWh
Apparent Energy: 0.01~10000kVAh
Reactive Energy: 0.01~10000kVARh
Average Power Factor: 0.00~1.00 Active Power: indication±50W
Apparent Power: indication±50VA
Reactive Power: indication±50VAR
Power Factor: indication±0.05
Active Energy: indication±0.05kWh
Apparent Energy: indication±0.1 kVAh
Reactive Energy: indication±0.1 kVARh
Average Power Factor: indication±0.005
Unbalance Fundamental Volts: 10~700V (true rms)
True Amps: 0.5~1000A (True rms)
Fundamental Hertz: 40~70Hz
Phase Angle: 0~360o
Unbalance: 0.0%~100% Volts: ±0.5%
Amps: ±0.5%
Hertz: indication±0.01Hz
Phase Angle: indication±0.3 o
Volt unbalance: indication ±0.2%
NOTE: Take frequency of Phase A as total testing frequency.
Data Recording Recording for: 3 phase voltage, current, null current, voltage harmonic (THD and 1~50 harmonics), current harmonics ( THD and 1~50 harmonics), unbalance, KW, PF, flicker and fluctuation Time interval: 3s~30m adjustable
Time duration:

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