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weather radar is a small computerized radar. It consists of power-supply system, radar, and control terminal. It can search, observe and analyze the weather process as normal radars and also probe the storm center and the edge of a weather system (mainly include regional severe weather, such as cumulonimbus and hail cloud) in thunderstorms.
It can provide precise real-time data such as the exact position and intensity of target clouds, guide artificial weather modification, provide effective evaluation. It is the essential commander for rainfall enhancement and hail suppression. It can also perform well in emergency cases.

Weather Radar:Techinical Features
Operating system:Windows XP&Windows 7.
Data Acquisition: 12 digits.
Advanced FPGA,DSP module.
Radar modular design: High stability.
Comprehensive weather products.
Applied technology: Remote control; national vector maps precise to village Weather Modification Commanding System

1)Open Design
Open design is adopted into Hail Recognition module and Rainfall Enhancement module in the Operation Control System. It enables users to not only get radar characteristic parameters, but also import automatically identifying factors and algorithms to revise the recognition module. Thus, the forecast of rain enhancement and hail prevention is more accurate.
2)Open service
It provides data search, collection, analysis and export interconnect, which will enbale users to export charts and texts for information sharing and reporting
3)automatic data analysis
1. collect materials and information by the networking technology. 2. get characteristics parameters such as radar waves and meteorological elements by data analysis. 3. realize systematic monitoring and early warning for disasters such as hails and droughts.4. conduct impact assessment for different weathers, and carry out rail enhancement and hail prevention

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