Battery Discharger &Capacity Tester

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Wide voltage range battery discharger: 12V to 280V
5.7 inch LCD touch screen for easy operation and showing various parameters real time
Selectable discharge mode: constant current/power / resistance
4 adjustable stop points and multiple alarm designs to control the discharge process intelligently
Support RS232 real time monitoring by PC or USB download data after discharge
PC software for capacity evaluation and report generation
Optional wireless modules for 1.2V/2V/6V/12V cells voltage real-time measuring

Although battery resistance testing methods are improving and very popular, battery discharge test still is the most accurate and reliable method for actual capacity evaluation of battery groups. Because only constant current discharge can perfectly simulate the working status under loading for batteries, power supply departments in many companies and utilities keep the periodic discharge testing in their maintenance management.

Because the DC power systems in various industrial utilities are using different voltage level battery groups (24V, 48V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 240V etc.), and most of professional users hope to find an unattended and automatic instrument to simplify discharge process, the battery discharge tester with intelligent designs and super voltage variability for almost all battery types would be preferable

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