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cylinder liner :
As with every part of an engine subject to high mechanical loads, the cylinder liners also have to withstand higher ignition pressures and higher speeds. ALBAMA provides a product range which offers the good quality.

NISSAN series models :
Manufacturer Engine Model DIA(mm)
NISSAN A10,A12,A13,F1,JC 73.00
NISSAN GA16 76.00
NISSAN L20A 77.95
NISSAN J15,J16 77.95
NISSAN P 85.69
NISSAN P40 85.69
NISSAN H20,H20P 87.20
NISSAN Z24 89.00
NISSAN SD23,SD25 89.00
NISSAN TD25,AD-4 92.90
NISSAN TD27,AD-2T 96.00
NISSAN NE6 110.00
NISSAN ND6 110.00
NISSAN ND6T 110.00
NISSAN PD6 125.00
NISSAN PE6T 133.00
NISSAN PE6T 133.00
NISSAN PF6 133.00
NISSAN RD8 135.00
NISSAN RE8 135.00
NISSAN RF8 138.00

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