piston ring - MITSUBISHI 6D16


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1.OEM standard
4.engine parts:engine piston,piston ring set,engine bearing ,cylinder liner, gasket and etc.

MITSUBISHI series piston ring

1.Dia. from 71.00mm to 142.00mm

2.General Model :

Manufacturer Engine Model DIA(mm) Part No.
MITSUBISHI NM45 65.00 MM302500
MITSUBISHI GA70 75.00 14441-2111-0
MITSUBISHI NM75 78.50 MM400470
MITSUBISHI NM90 81.00 MM404575
MITSUBISHI NM150 96.00 K8421-010
MITSUBISHI NM130 94.00 MM310500
MITSUBISHI ND130 95.00 E2401-02002
MITSUBISHI NM180 100.00 K8421-502
MITSUBISHI 4G13 71.00 MD158908
MITSUBISHI 4G15 75.50 MD158549
MITSUBISHI 4G32 76.90 MD004709
MITSUBISHI 4G63 85.00 MD195810
MITSUBISHI 4G64 86.50 MD192815
MITSUBISHI 4G53 88.00 MD025000
MITSUBISHI 4G54B 91.10 MD026960
MITSUBISHI 4G54 91.10 MD107813
MITSUBISHI 4D55 91.10 MD050395
MITSUBISHI 4D55T,4D56 91.10 MD050390
MITSUBISHI 4D30 100.00 ME012070
MITSUBISHI 4D31T 100.00 ME997458
MITSUBISHI S6KT 102.00 34317-19010
MITSUBISHI 4D34T 104.00 ME99240
MITSUBISHI 4D32 104.00 ME997318
MITSUBISHI 6D14 110.00 ME032458
MITSUBISHI 6D15 113.00 ME072306
MITSUBISHI 6D16 118.00 ME999955
MITSUBISHI 6D22 130.00 ME052124
MITSUBISHI 8DC4,8DC2,8DC7 130.00 ME062298
MITSUBISHI 8DC9T 135.00 ME090578
MITSUBISHI 8DC9(9T) 135.00 ME062230
MITSUBISHI 8DC9 135.00 ME065680
MITSUBISHI 8DC11 142.00 ME065607

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1) Good quality
2) reasonable price
3) short production time
4) satisfactory after-sales service
5) engine parts:engine piston, piston ring set,cylinder liner,engine bearing gasket etc.

6) We can develop new items for customer especially.

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