no-bake furan resin/self-harden furan resin

no-bake furan resin/self-harden furan resin

No-bake furan resin/self-harden furan resin

Product ID: ZFG902

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Product Name:No-bake furan resin
Product Category:Furan resin series

Application:From hard sand with furan resin technology for large steel casting, large carbon steel castings

Use parameter:
Sand: resin: curing agent = 100 (0.8-1.5): (0.3-0.8) (weight ratio)

1. You had better add curing agent first, then adding resin when Mixing sand.
2. Use matching with the curing agent produced by our company will be better.
3. Unfit mix with acidic substances (such as curing agent), preventing leakage and dangerous.
4. Stored in a cool place, away from the fire source, preventing heat or sunlight.

Quality guarantee period:
12 months
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