EPS pre-expander for expanding eps foam

EPS pre-expander for expanding eps foam

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SPJ110 eps Batch pre-expander for expansion eps foam-Accuracy
1) Expansion chamber dia: 1,100mm
2) Density: 10 - 30g/L 240-600kg/h
3) Connected load: 16.53kW
4) Steam consumption:6-9kg/cycle
Including stainless steel dryer bed, screw conveyer, screw conveyer, sieving device, etc
1.Steam system:Accurate pressure reducer and PID control system (proportional steam,valve system) to keep very stable and accurate steam, ensure material variation ;
2. Pressure control:Pressure sensor with multi-steam and exhausting system to keep expansion chamber pressure stablely, Also reduce the steam consumption;
3.Temperature control:Adopts temperature sensor and compressed air proportional valve to keep accurate expansion temperature, which is suitable for high density expansion, less broken beads;
4.Material level controlSet:Keeps accurate weighing scales and vibrated level sensor control, ensure less density tolerance.
5.Material filling system:set filling weight in touch screen and electronic weighing filling to realize filling accurately and automatically;
6. Electric control:Adopts PLC programmable controller and touch screen, electronic parts, valves are famous brand ( Schneider touch screen and electronic, Mitsubishi PLC, Germany valves), which control the whole working procedure automatically and stablely.
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