Steel plastic wear-resistant pipe fittings from Gaodete


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   The main material of Steel plastic wear-resistant pipe fittings is UHMW-PE, UHMW-PE(ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe)is the engineering thermoplastic that the average molecular weight greater than 2 million which is composed under the action of ethylene, butadiene monomer in the catalyst. This kind of material’s comprehensive performance is superior, it’s wear-resisting, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, lubrication itself and shock resistance are the highest among all of the plastic. The wear-resisting surpass PTEF, nylon and carbon steel etc. Its comprehensive performance can work in the condition of - 269 to 80℃ for a long time, wear-resisting, low temperature resistance is known as “amazing” engineering plastics. UHMW-PE engineering plastics pipe technology has matured gradually in China, more and more projects start to use this kind of wear-resistant material.

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UHMW-PE, NHUMWPE, Steel lining pu wear-resisting pipe, Magnetic lining