Hanging Roller Concrete Pipe Making Machine

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1.Easy to operate 2.3 kinds of mouth type 3.Good price 4.Save a lot of labor
cement pipe making machine:

Can produce all kinds of specification concrete pipes
pipe diameter:300-500mm
pipe length:1m-3m

mouth type:sock mouth and flat mouth

mold type:300*3000 sock mouth type and flat mouth type

400*3000 sock mouth type and flat mouth type

500*3000 sock mouth type and flat mouth type

Character of Suspension Roller type Concrete Pipe Machine

1 Short production Cycle: because of the good effect of the roller to compact the concrete, every pipe just need 1-10 minutes with high speed roller rotation.

2 This Pipe machine use the dry cast material, there will no waste cement mud, then it wont pollute the environment.

3 During the production, the noise is low, it is about 80-90 DB

4 The Concrete Pipes are with high pressure load and with high production efficiency.

Working Principle

This machi

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