Peanut harvester

Product ID: GL-S1

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Peanut harvester is mainly used for harvesting peanut, garlic, sweet potato, potato and other crops under the ground with the merits of high efficiency, lower breakage, running fast without trembling, no blocking by the grasses, the structure is simple and the operation life is long, etc
model GL-S1
Capacity(m2/h) 3000-4000
Crushing ratio ≤1.0%
Total loss ratio ≤4.5%
Buried loss ratio ≤2.0%
Digging depth 8-12cm
Working width 150cm
motor of the tractor ≥60HP
Weight (kg) 560kg
Dimension(mm) 2500*1900*1350
Contact: Mary Ma
Mobile :0086-13939083462
TEL: 86-371-60317144
FAX: 86-371-60317144
skype: gashili002

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