Electronic Packing Machine

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Used imported high-precision sensor, high intelligent weighing control instrument, and measurement of high precision and stale performance. Automatic tracking, correcting and alarm. Simulation automatic detection, the real fault diagnosis, convenient, maintenance and detection. Packed several automatic statistics, with RS485 serial port, printer interface, and computer communications, data printing.Pheumatic used import structure, import and export of cylinder pressure
Adjustable, more reliable, non-polluting.Used stainless steel to avoid anti-corroding. Electrical overall counter sealed to prevent fertilizer dust falling into electrical cabinets, electrical protective effects. Safety design, aerodynamic components, electrical instrumentation has security protection to ensure the safer of equipment and body.
:  Scope of packing:40-50 kg/bag  Capacity:15t/h(50 kg/bag)  Exact:≤±0.2%  speed of packing:300bags/h  Size :length1000×wide1000×height3200

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