Adjustable Bench Capper

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Adjustable Bench Capper

Geevo Adjustable Bench Capper is designed to provide a consistent and uniform crimped seal on vials and bottles with little operator effort. the table-board is covered with stainless steel which is neat and corrosion-proof and easy to clean. the knife wheel is made of high-quality steel. three cyclone knives wheel which is averagely distributed into120 angle will rotate to cap and seal, however, the bottle is still. Its applicability is widely.
1. High quality stainless steel providing excellent wear ability, dependable performance, and superior corrosion resistance.
2. The bench capper accept different specification of bottles.
3. Precise adjustments and settings provide an optimum seal.
4. The adjustable handle providing a smooth, consistent feel during operation.
5. Supply decapper for option, bottle can be reused.
6. Avoiding positive result happen when do the sterility test with culture medium and flushing fluid.

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