scuba diving compressor

scuba diving compressor

LYW100 scuba compressor

Product ID: LYW100 compressor

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LYW100 high pressure air compressor is designed for breathing in diving, firefighting industry. It is light and small. It compresses free air to 30Mpa and removes oil, vapor and other contaminants by filters and separators. The air flow is stable. It is safe and reliable source of pure air. The air quality accords to EN international breathing compressed air quality

3-stage, air-cooling piston reciprocating
Oil splash lubrication
Stainless steel inter-cooler and after cooler
Specially treated alloy cylinder, piston and piston ring
High-strength nylon cooling fan assembly
Intake filter
Anti-shock floor mat
Manual condensate drain knob
Safety valves protection for every stage
High temperature resistance plastic powder coating steel frame and base
Activated carbon, monocular sieve for air purification in the filter
Filters are made by seamless aluminum alloy and bears 550bar pressure
1 Filling hose and filling valve
Consumables and manuals are provided with every compressor
1 year warranty

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